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Moral story of an ugly king

Moral story of an ugly king         In a very big palace, there are big pictures of kings.  Tales of their greatness are written below the photographs.                 A person comes near those pictures and looks at them carefully. That person is limp with one leg.  He does not have an eye and below this eye has a very big wound on his cheek.  Seeing these pictures, his eyes full of tear.            At that time, comes a minister, and says, Honourable King!, at the behest of you, we have made an announcement in the whole state, who will make your very beautiful picture.  He will be given a huge reward and the minister takes orders and goes from there.           The king moves to the picture of the ancestors  walking from his limp leg . Thinks during reading Their great qualities.  I too have won many battles.  I am also skilled at wielding a sword.  I have defeated many great kings.    A beautiful picture of me should be among them.