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adventurous story: Valint Maharana Pratap

Story                     Today is the day of 18 June 1576. Now the rays of the sun have touched Haldighati. Something is going to happen in this yellow valley that will be recorded in the pages of history and will always be remembered.               Maharana Pratap with his army of 3000 is coming to battle the Mughal Emperor Akbar's 5000 army.                Akbar's army is headed by Raja Mansingh and Maharana Pratap's army is headed by Hakim Khan Suri.                It is morning and the month of June. Raining of fire from the sky is starting.                 Today Maharana Pratap's might is seen differently. 80 kg spear in his hand, 72 kg his armor, 110 kg his weight, 7 feet 5 inches his length, Maharana Pratap is riding on his horse Chetak.                   An elephant's mask is placed on the mouth of Maharana Pratap's horse. For this reason, elephant considers horse as elephant.             Suddenly the sounds of the sword and spear echo in the valley. Th