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short inspirational stories with moral: Believe and trust

 short inspirational stories with moral: Believe and trust Story               Once, between two multi-storey buildings, a artist was running, holding a long bamboo on a wire tied. He had his son sitting on his shoulder.               Hundreds of people were watching closely. With his footsteps, battling the strong wind, and putting his and his son's life at stake, the artist completed the distance.            The crowd boomed with joy, applause, whistles started ringing.         People were taking photographs of the artist, taking selfies with him. Shaking hands with him. The artist came to the mic and said to the crowd, "Do you believe I can do this again?"         The crowd shouted, "Yes yes, you can."         He asked, do you believe me? We can also bet that you can repeat it successfully. The artist said, You have believe on me. The crowd said, yes yes.         The artist said, "Okay, someone give me your baby, I'll sit on my shoulder and w

moral story: reality of some problem

 Moral story: Reality of some Problem story                            Once in the dark night a man fell down from the summit of the mountain. It was very dark. There seemed to be a deep moat below. He got stuck stuck in the roots of a tree. Very shouted, cheered and called. But there was no one to listen to his voice far and wide.                           In the cold night, the roots of the tree were being left by hand. He was holding on to all his strength. Death stood only momentarily. He left his hands and finished his life.  But how long it would hold! After all, the grip also gets tired. The harder you hold on, the more tired you will become. Slowly, his fingers began to respond and the roots started to drop from his hands in front of his eyes.                         Tried very hard till the end, but the roots were left out.                     The next moment his laughter echoed in the valley. It was a dream like a dream. Because there was no trench at the bottom, there was fl

I am Lord Krishna, I am Monster Kansa

I am Lord Krishna, I am Monster Kansa Story                 There was a painter, who used to make amazing pictures.  People used to praise his painting.                 One day the devotees of Krishna temple expressed their desire to make a portrait of Krishna and Kansa.                The painter was ready after all, it was God's work, but he kept some conditions. He said _ Bring a naughty boy for Krishna's picture and a cruel person for Kansa, _ I want worthy characters, if they are found, I will make a picture easily.              Devotees brought a beautiful boy. The painter put that child in front and made a beautiful picture of baby  Krishna.               Now it was Kansi's turn, but it was a little hard to find a person with cruel feelings. The person who liked the Krishna temple, did not like the painter, he was not getting those expressions…            Time passed. Finally, after years of exhausting, he now took the painter in jail, where the convicts were serving

Swami Vivekananda & monkeys

 Swami Vivekananda & monkeys      Story                        Once Swami Vivekananda had to face monkeys. He used to recite this past with great fervor on many occasions.                     He also talked about taking advantage of this experience. Swami Ji was in Kashi those days, he was passing in a narrow street.                  A herd of monkeys came in front. Swamiji ran backwards to avoid them.                 But they could not stop his attack. The monkeys tore their clothes and many scratches also occurred on the body.                Two to three teeth were also placed.                      Hearing the noise, a sage from a nearby hut said to him - “Swamiji! Stop, don't run. Walk towards them with sticks. "              Swamiji's feet stopped. Stalking them, they started shouting. The monkeys also got scared and ran away. Swamiji crossed the street very comfortably.             While narrating this incident, Swamiji used to tell his friends and

Love of the lizard

Love of the lizard Story              In Japan, a man was breaking his house and getting it rebuilt. In Japan, wooden walls in houses are usually empty. When the walls of that house were broken, a lizard was found trapped in the empty space of that wall.            A nail was pierced at the foot of the lizard from outside the wall. When he saw that lizard, he was moved with pity as well as a curiosity because when the nail was tested, it was found that this nail was bitten 5 years ago while building the house.              What happened? The lizard was alive despite being stuck in the same place for 5 years, it was impossible to live for 5 years without moving in a small dark part of the wall.               It was really surprising how the lizard was alive for 5 years! That too without moving a step, because the foot was stuck in a nail coming out of the wall.                      So work was stopped there and started to see what the lizard does and what and how the lizard eats.