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Moral story: Baba Bharti and white horse

Moral story: Baba Bharti  and white horse    Moral story           This is the story of Baba Bharti, who loved his horse. He loved the horse so much that when he did not see the horse, he became restless.           His horse was white like a goose and there was a distinct glow when going in the sun. The black long-haired Baba Bharati, who used to walk on his horse, forgot the whole world.          Baba Bharti's very beautiful house in which he had made a beautiful Stables. he used to sleep in front of it. Many times when Baba Bharati's eyes opened on the night, his horse used to go to see the horse immediately.           His horse was well-known. One day a person came to see the horse. Baba Bharati showed him his horse. The person liked the horse very much. The person said to Baba Bharti, ''I will take your horse from here tomorrow'' and he goes away.          Now a fear arose in the mind of Baba Bharti. His restlessness began