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Moral Story: The secret of success

Moral Story: the secret of success
Moral Story: The secret of success

The secret of success?

                         Once a young man asked a question from Socrates.what is the secret of success?  Socrates told a young man to meet on the banks of the river the next day. 

         On the second day, the young man reached the banks of the river to meet Socrates.

                         Socrates told the man to walk in the river and then both walked in the river. When the water reached their neck, Socrates suddenly drowned the young man's head into the water. 

              A young man struggles to get up but Socrates keeps him there.when the young man starts turning blue. Socrates raised the head of a young man out of the water.

             The first thing the young man did was to take a deep breath of the air.
           Socrates asked the youthful man, "What did you deep desire  when you were submerged?"

The young man replied, My only deep desire at that time was to take breathe
             Socrates said this is the secret to success when you have the desire to achieve your success as much as you had desired to take breathe in the water, then you will get success.


The moral education of story:

        The moral education of this story is that unless we do not feel to need anything. Till then we do not try to get it. And when we feel very very much of something. then we try for it and the effort increases. This way we get it. This is the secret of success.

       If we want to succeed in any work, then we have to create a deep desire in our mind for that work.

         When you want something very strongly, then the entire nature creates a feeling to get for this thing.

 "Success is achieved twice, one in mind and the second time in the real world"                                                     


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