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moral story: The heart full of mercy

moral story: The heart full of mercy

moral story: The heart full of mercy


   The heart full of mercy is a moral story related to Mahatma Buddha's life. A shepherd was walking with a herd of goats.

          This is an incident in the life of Mahatma Buddha. A shepherd was carrying a flock of sheep and goats. 
          A male goat in the herd was lame, and he was walking slowly. He was left behind due to the walking slowly, the herd was far ahead.
         The Mahatma Buddha was very sad to see this. He got mercy on a goat, He asked the shepherd, where are you going?

        That shepherd said that I am going to the front hill. Mahatma Buddha said that if I pick up this lame goat and leave it there, then you will not have any objection.

        That shepherd said smiling, "no". Mahatma Buddha raised the goat and left it in the herd on the hill.
          It shows that the heart of the great Sant is full of mercy. They see all the creatures in terms of mercy.
         They find the existence of God everywhere and feel God everywhere.

         ''When we show mercy to somebody, we experience a little quality of the God''
         They find the existence of God everywhere and feel God everywhere.

         ''When we show mercy to somebody, we experience a quality of the God''

The moral education of story

           We should have mercy on all living beings. A heart filled with the infinite mercy of is the place of abode of God.


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