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Moral story: self-confidence

Moral story: Self-Confidence Story


Moral story

               Once a young man in the US got a loss in his business. He had to mortgage his entire property. He drowned in the whirlpool of despair. 

                 One day he was thinking about his circumstances sitting in the park. An elderly person came to him and sat down. 

              The elderly seemed to be very rich with his face and clothes. The elderly asked the young man the reason for concern. So the young man told all his problems.
               Elderly talk does not worry, "My name is John D. Rockefeller" I do not know you but I look to you as a true and honest man, So I'm ready to give you a loan of $ 1000000.
            Then the elderly took out a chequebook from the pocket, entered the money in it and gave the check to a young man and said, "Just a year after, the young man we will meet right here, You pay my loan"  By saying this, The elderly went away. 

           The young man was amazed. Rockefeller was America's richest person at the time. The person was not confident that his problems were over. 

           Suddenly a thought came in mind of a young man. When an unfamiliar person can trust me, why am I not believing myself?

            This incident aroused self-confidence in the person. He was full of energy. The young man decided that he would first try his best. 

           If I am not successful then I will use this check. He continued to work with conviction and hard work. His business started moving very well! The young man removed all his debt and his condition got better.

               After 1 year, the young man reached the park at the scheduled time and he waits for the elderly person? The young man sees that the elderly person is coming from the distance. As soon as the elderly person comes near. 

             The young man salutes him. By giving a check to the elderly as soon as he speaks something.

           A nurse comes running and catches the elderly and the nurse speaks that this is mad and runs away from a mental asylum, tells himself, John. D. Rockefeller and distributes check. 

              The young man was shocked. The young man thought that he got everything because of the check. It is fake


The moral education of story

          This story gives us this education that how we can get a big goal by self-confidence. Confidence is the armour that protects us from negative thoughts and creates the ability to endure failure.

                              "Each victory comes from self-confidence." 


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