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moral story: failure in life

moral story: failure in life                                                       Moral story                    Sometimes our life is filled with so many failures . Due to so many failures, our mental state is not good.                   In this way, our behaviour also changes.  Failure  affects our character. But who tolerates the misery of failures . Success welcomes him.                         The story of such a man is very famous. Who continued to suffer the pain of failure and Who achieved a high position.                      When this person was 21 years old, then the business was unsuccessful .                The election lost at the age of 22. He failed in business again at the age of 24.               At the age of 26, his wife died. At the age of 27, his mental balance worsened.              At the age of 34, he lost the Congress election.            At the age of 45, he lost in the senatorial election.             At the age

moral story: The heart full of mercy

moral story: The heart full of mercy story                             The heart full of mercy is a moral story related to Mahatma Buddha's life. A shepherd was walking with a herd of goats.           This is an incident in the life of Mahatma Buddha. A shepherd was carrying a flock of sheep and goats.            A male goat in the herd was lame, and he was walking slowly. He was left behind due to the walking slowly, the herd was far ahead.                     The Mahatma Buddha was very sad to see this. He got  mercy  on a goat, He asked the shepherd, where are you going?         That shepherd said that I am going to the front hill. Mahatma Buddha said that if I pick up this lame goat and leave it there, then you will not have any objection.         That shepherd said smiling, "no". Mahatma Buddha raised the goat and left it in the herd on the hill.           It shows that the heart of the great Sant is full of  mercy . They see all t

Moral Story: The secret of success

Moral Story: the  secret of success       The secret of success?                           Once a young man asked a question from Socrates. what is the secret of success?   Socrates told a young man to meet on the banks of the river the next day.           On the second day, the young man reached the banks of the river to meet Socrates.                          Socrates told the man to walk in the river and then both walked in the river. When the water reached their neck, Socrates suddenly drowned the young man's head into the water.                A young man struggles to get up but Socrates keeps him there.when the young man starts turning blue. Socrates raised the head of a young man out of the water.              The first thing the young man did was to take a deep breath of the air.                             Socrates asked the youthful man, "What did you deep desire  when you were submerged?" The young man replied, My only deep desi

Moral story: self-confidence

Moral story: Self-Confidence  Story                                Moral story                Once a young man in the US got a loss in his business. He had to mortgage his entire property.   He drowned in the whirlpool of despair.                    One day he was thinking about his circumstances sitting in the park.  An elderly person came to him and sat down.                The elderly seemed to be very rich with his face and clothes.  The elderly asked the young man the reason for concern.  So the young man told all his problems.                 Elderly talk does not worry,  "My name is John D. Rockefeller" I do not know you but I look to you as a true and honest man, So I'm ready to give you a loan of $ 1000000.                            Then the elderly took out a chequebook from the pocket, entered the money in it and gave the check to a young man  and said,  "Just a year after, the young man we will meet right here, You pay my loan"